Wii-homebrew not avaiable on wednesday
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Dienstag, den 29. Juli 2014 um 16:20 Uhr


As you've probably noticed in our forum, we had increased problems with our host server. What was less well known until recently that we are also discussed your desire and have designed our forum a little fresher.
As luck would have it, the work on the new forumslayout are almost complete and the new server is ready. For this reason, on Wednesday the 07/30/2014 from 17 clock, the forum will partially or not at all be accessible. Prior to the Wii U side is put in maintenance mode.
In the period from 17 clock a backup of the old forum will be made, the forensoftware will be updated and after that everything changed over to the new forums layout. To that the customization of some features, which takes a bit of time. How is this going to take long, at the present time can not be said, but as some people says: "It's done, when it's done!"
For server migration not only the Forum is concerned. Services such as TeamSpeak, Wiiki and possibly also Wiimmfi may be unavailable or only partially available in time.

Please understand  that everything needs a bit of time and hope myself that everything runs smoothly and you can enjoy as soon as possible the new forum in the fresh look.
For all who use the Wiimmfi gets even a little info. At first the forum moves, the Wiimmfi server is brought at a later time to the new server. Nevertheless, there may be connection problems during the conversion of the forum.


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